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Todd and Erin: The Wedding

‘How They Met’ Mad Lib

Are you a fan of Mad Libs?  Of course you are! Well, great, because we have written one that tells the story of how we met and fell in love… according to YOU.

If you would like to play along, simply copy and paste the below into an email, fill in your answers, and send to  At our reception in April, there will be a book displaying the completed Mad Libs of everyone who participated.  We will, I’m sure, keep this book forever, so here’s your chance to leave your mark on our big day!  (Aside from actually showing up, of course)

(name of fictional dating site) – 

(verb past tense) – 

(same verb, present tense) – 

(adjective) – 

(adjective) – 

(gross adjective) – 

(number) – 

(place) – 

(type of criminal) – 

(topic of conversation) – 

(a different topic of conversation) – 

(number) – 

(adjective) – 

(restaurant) – 

(movie title) – 

(place) – 

(noun) – 

(adjective) – 

(adjective) – 

(adverb) – 

(silly, insulting made-up name) –


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